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The Industrial Equipment Replacement Complex  

Equipment manufacturers maximize profits by providing equipment replacements, not supporting legacy equipment. When equipment is highly specialized, manufacturers can and do charge a premium and can also effectively control the timing of the replacement.  In this way a very large portion of their income comes from replacing their own installed base of equipment.

Replacement of legacy fleet equipment is a $120B per year industry and constitutes the majority of the annual net private investment in industrial equipment assets. 

Equipment Owners Return on Investment

Equipment owners maximize profits by extending the practical life of their already installed equipment. Equipment replacement is disruptive, expensive, and environmentally wasteful.  Circuit board replacement is a cost effective, no risk option to help legacy fleet equipment owners save money, minimize changeover disruption and redirect scarce capital resources into more profitable projects.

The return on investment for equipment replacement is effectively zero.  Why? The new equipment generally performs thesame basic process as the original equipment.  Replacing electronic circuit boards is one of the highest return on investment projects that can be undertaken by the owner of legacy fleet equipment.

Our service & equipment owners needs = win-win.

Representing Us Could Not Be Easier

We provide the tools for pursuading your current industrial customer base in the form of both an on line and a downloadable spreadsheet project Return On Investment calculators that will easily make the case for you.   We also provide you with both an on line and a downloadable budgetary estimate calcuator so that you may turn budgetary quotes quickly without having to wait for a budgetary quote from us.  This budgetary estimate calculator will also help you target the highest margin customers which will maximize your base with minimal effort and will also keep you from wasting your time on low margin opportunities.

We also provide tools to make your life as a rep easier.  We have set up a 'Rep Portal' on our website that can be used for referencing, reporting and registering customer activity.  We are working on an App that will allow you to access the Rep Portal with you phone instead of a klunky lap top.  No monthly written reports, just go to see your customer, get the information into the Rep Portal and it's onto the next customer.  You can even type in your customers questions and they will be answered back on line.

Sound Like an Interesting Sales Opportunity?

We have a wealth of information behind this page which we will make accessable to you to help you make your decision.  Just fill out our on line application form and submit it to us and we will provide you with a temporary password to access the information available to our current reps.  You will find in depth discussions of the market, the opportunity, the business model, target customers, information on pricing and estimates, detailed process descriptons, white papers, customer presentation material, customer evaluation examples and real life customer success stories.

We will require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we give you access to this information and/or start discussing any specifics with you.  Our standard NDA can be found here.  Of course there will need to also be some sort of agreement with you to protect both of our interests.  Our standard Rep Agreement can be found here.  The Online Rep Application Form can be found here.  The next step is yours.