PCB Re-Creation

Our Value Proposition.          

The availability of spare parts after the Original Equipment Manufacturer stops supporting still otherwise viable  industrial equipment drives the decision to either scrap that equipment and buy new or try to find creative ways to extend the useful life of that equipment.  For electronic ciruit boards, a cycle of repair upon repair combined with scavanging spares on ebay or surplus dealers and then in the end cannibalization of other equipment is typical.  Even in the presence of spares of all other compoenents, this is not sustainable,.  Availability of electronic circuit board spares generally drives the equipment scrap decision.                
OEMPCBR gives the owner of fleet industrial equipment a feasible and viable option by taking care of all the
details associated with the circuit board re-creation process.  Nothing new is required by the equipment owner to take advantage of what OEMPCBR can  do for them. Just provide us a couple old boards, some testing and verification support and we give you brand new exact form, fit, and function replacement circuit boards.   Not only could it not be easier, it could not be more cost effective. 

Return On Investment

We provide an Return On Investment (ROI) spread sheet calculator that will contrast the Return on Investment, Net Present Value and Years to Pay Back of circuit board re-creation projects vs the cost of scrapping and replacing fleet equipment.  All you need to input is equipment replacement cost, number of pieces of equipment that would otherwise need to be replaced per year and your cost of capital.  The initial minimum number of boards to be purchased and the per recreated circuit board cost can be changed to demonstrate rough metrics requried to make a decision.  Contact us for budgetary numbers to use in the ROI measures calculations.   If the OEMPCBR option seems attractive we can give we can give you a detailed quote to help you make your final desicion.

Original SCR Firing Board

    New Re-created  'Halmar' SCR Firing Board






ROI Calculator Spread Sheet