OEM Printed Circuit Board Replacements (OEMPCBR) is a full-service electronic circuit board re-creation (reverse engineering) and manufacturing company providing aftermarket electronics support for owners of legacy fleet equipment.  OEMPCBR provides a high Return on Investment alternative to expensive and disruptive replacement of industrial manufacturing equipment.  This extends the operational life of specialized equipment when replacement parts are no longer being provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  This also allows industrial equipment owners to both save money and redirect scarce capital resources into more effective and profitable investments within their manufacturing facilities and operations. 

  Rows of DC Planar Magnetron Power Supplies

Mission Statement

OEMPBCR’s mission is to eliminate the need for replacement of large fleets of older, but still viable, industrial manufacturing equipment when the original manufacturer stops providing replacement circuit boards.

Old and new SCR Snubber Boards

History and Experience

OEMPCBR is owned and operated by Bryan K. Piernot, MSEE and Scott J. Piernot, PE.  In 2007, Bryan’s father-in-law, who worked at a local glass coating plant, approached Bryan with a simple SCR snubber circuit board for an aging and expensive to replace DC planar magnetron power supply. If more of these snubber boards could not be procured, the entire fleet of 60+ power supplies would have to be phased out and replaced. Bryan re-created the board and supplied ten boards at $180 each. The expensive power supplies were saved from the scrap heap and the company began reaping the benefits of extending the life of still otherwise viable and useful equipment. Bryan started receiving orders for additional snubber boards and also requests to re-create other boards for that same power supply cabinet, then additional reorders of those re-created boards.   Soon an entire replacement board set had been created. The useful life of over 60 pieces of equipment,  with a replacement cost of $60K per unit, has been extended over 8 years with Bryan's support.  Because these power supplies are still functioning in operational production and now have support, there are no plans to replace them any time soon.  The business concept became self-evident and Scott, a successful entrepreneur and private consulting engineer joined Bryan in business.

Bryan K. Piernot - Technical Lead

Bryan holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and has been designing electronics across a wide spectrum of high technology electronic products from the start of his engineering career.  Not only is Bryan an accomplished electronics design engineer, he has worked the breadth of the electronic product life cycle.  Bryan is a crack electronics designer and has extensive experience in: planning, creating, implementing and managing production test programs; test equipment operation, test software and fixturing development; providing field and remote product support, training, and troubleshooting and finally working with product end of life issues to extend the useful sales life of not only his own succussful electronic product designs but also those of other engineers as well.

Scott J. Piernot – Business Lead

Scott has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, holds a Professional Engineering license, and has started, grown, and sold a $20M engineering business. Not only is Scott an accomplished engineer he is a proven business man and knows both the technical and business sides of making an engineering business run.  He has extensive experience in hiring, firing, managing and growing employees; planning, managing and facilitating business operations and moves; and working with the entire ladder of  financials, payroll, accounting, banking, lines of credit, account's payable and recievable.  He has decades of experience with marketing and sales of high end products and services, websites, shows and advertising.  Finally Scott easily works across the entire spectrum of customer functions from those on the line to corporate officers and boards for directors. 

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